Welcome to
Telecom Plus PLC

Welcome to Telecom Plus PLC.
We trade as Utility Warehouse (UW) and currently have more than a million customers nationwide.

UW is the UK’s only genuine multiservice provider, meaning our customers can bundle together their energy, broadband, mobile and insurance, helping them to save on their household bills.

With a track record of long-term, sustainable growth over the last two decades, and with our most recent financial results being our best ever, our medium term ambition is to welcome an additional 1 million customers to UW.

Latest Results at a glance

halfyearlyresults graphics module2a

halfyearlyresults graphics module2a

Annualised growth +14%

Customer numbers up to 1,011,489 in FY24 (FY23: 886,579)

annualresults graphics 2024 telecomplus oldsite module2b

annualresults graphics 2024 telecomplus oldsite module2b

21.5% increase in Adj Profit before tax

£116.9 million in FY24 (FY23: £96.2m)

annualresults graphics 2024 telecomplus oldsite module2c

annualresults graphics 2024 telecomplus oldsite module2c

Full Year dividend of 83p

83p per share in FY24 (FY23: 80p)

Our latest financial results

Read our FY24 full year results for the period ended 31 March 2024

Our latest investor presentation

View our investor presentation for the period ended 31 March 2024

Annual Report and Accounts

Our Annual Report and Accounts for the period ended 31 March 2024

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Click below to read our Notice of Annual General Meeting 2024

For more information

Contact us at shareholders@uw.co.uk

A structural
cost advantage

We provide our customers with multiple services, generating multiple revenue streams from a single set of overheads.

This gives us a structural and enduring cost advantage relative to our competitors, and means we can consistently price each of the services we supply competitively.

The result is a highly attractive and referable proposition that satisfied customers are incentivised to recommend, ensuring we continue to acquire high-quality, multiservice customers through word of mouth, and maintain our unique structural cost advantage.

Over two decades of sustainable, organic growth

Founded over 25 years ago, Telecom Plus is a FTSE 250 company with more than a million customers.

We’ve established ourselves as a long-term, stable investment opportunity that combines the cash-generative, defensive qualities typically associated with a utility with substantial growth prospects.

We have a record of growing consistently and organically and are forecast to deliver comfortable double-digit customer growth over the medium term.

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halfyearlyresults graphics module6c cityam

Telecom Plus has no plans to slow down after signing up millionth customer



Utility Warehouse presents bundle of good news

More about UW

UW offers the UK’s cheapest energy when you bundle, offering prices below the government’s Energy Price Cap.

Our customers unlock even more savings when they also switch their broadband, mobile and insurance to UW.

What’s more, they get everything in one great value monthly bill, so they can save time and money on their household bills.